It’s here: Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 2

It comes with great pleasure to announce that Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 2 is finally here. Sporting a new interior look, we’ve packed the works of eight different authors into the new 62 page issue. We’ve also added a few things. Wanting to build on the previous layout,  we’ve included a book review forum, a nonfiction section, and a category of fiction that we call Two Sentence Horror. 

But that’s not all…

With the release of new issue of Nothing’s Sacred, we looking to do something special for a group of very well-deserved individuals. For every copy sold of Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 2, a percentage of the net profits are going to be donated to the Wounded Warriors Project with the break down of our donation as follows:

5% For up to the first 2,000 copies sold

10% For 2,ooo + copies sold

20% For 5,000 + copies sold

30% For 10,000 or more copies sold

Check back with us as sales are compiled to view our progress.