The Sandbox

Whether it’s around the drinking fountain at work, or cozied up in a couple of soft chairs at a nearby coffee shop, we all have our favorite meeting spots to share stories and laughs. The Sandbox is no exception. But sorry adults, it’s a kid’s world here and the sky is the only limit in […]


Is there another world aside from our own, beyond this dimension or beyond the universe as we know it? Or are there worlds inside of our own, full of mythical creatures and stuff of legend? Do these places mirror our own existence, or are they so twisted that human beings could never relate? Whether the […]

Chalk Line

The lines drawn on the ground represent what used to lie in their place, a dead body. And though the life that once lived in that body is now forever gone, what remains shows a picture into a specific point in time… telling a story and speaking to the ones knowledgeable enough to pull all […]

Cuts ‘N’ Slices

As the business model came together for Jack of No Trades Productions, a prominent question arose: what should be done with material that had publishable merit but which did not quite fit into a set genre-based magazine? While our solution may be considered a bit eclectic by some, we like it that way and are pleased to […]

Serenity Rising

They say that what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. Tragedy does not segregate and can strike at any time, however; despite how bad off an individual may be, there is always hope, room for change, and the potential for improvement. How one deals with a situation and the strife that comes with […]

Nothing’s Sacred

Does your heart feel like it’s going to explode from beating too fast as you spring awake in the middle of the night? Does your blood run cold at the thought of what’s lurking around the corner? Would you dare step foot into the world of insanity knowing there’s no guarantee of coming back? Nothing’s Sacred is […]