Welcome to our new short fiction department!

At the beginning of the year we announced plans to make short fiction available on our site, and we are pleased announce that it is officially open for business. All selections offered are individually available for download for $0.69. Current selections include “I-80” from David Greske, “My Grandfather’s Closet” from Betty Rocksteady, “Used People” from Bruce Memblatt, and “Rough Justice” from Nathon Allen Balka.

More is planned to follow as we continue to expand our library. While the number of available selections will be few to begin our launch, it is our intent to offer selections across several genres including Science Fiction / Fantasy, Mystery & Suspence, Young Adult, and Romance. Each selection made available will have a genre appropriate tag attached to the story’s cover, along with a synopsis of the story to assist our customers in their selections.

For our latest developments, follow us at www.facebook.com/jackingtrades