My Grandfather’s Closet

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My Grandfather’s Closet by Betty Rocksteady

When a young lady receives a phone call, she immediately thinks that her ailing grandmother has finally passed away. To her dismay, she’s informed that her perfectly healthy grandfather has passed instead. With nobody else available to care for her dying grandmother, she goes to assist and finds a terrifying secret lurking in the house in this Lovecraftian tale.


About Betty Rocksteady

Betty Rocksteady is your everyday Canadian weirdo with a leaning towards the macabre and grotesque. Besides writing violent and sexual and just plain weird fiction, she does black and white horror illustration. Her debut novella, Arachnophile, was part of Eraserhead Press' 2015 New Bizarro Authors Series. If you've been dying to read about a man who falls in love with a giant spider, this is probably the book for you. Her short fiction has been published in Eternal Frankenstein, Lost Signals, and Turn to Ash. In 2017, her second novella will be released by Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing. Find out more at or connect on twitter @bettyrocksteady.