Used People

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Used People by Bruce Memblatt

Roman takes his great uncle Jacob to Black Lake every Tuesday. It’s a nice change from Jacob’s residency at the nursing home. It’s peaceful and full of fresh air, until they show up: Used people. They’re not living people anymore, but they’re not quite dead, either. They’re somewhere in between, and they bring an overpowering scent of wild cherry blossoms every  time they appear. As more begin appearing, it’s clear to Roman that something is changing with them.



About Bruce Memblatt

Bruce Memblatt is a member of the HWA, and a staff member of The Horror Zine. His work has been published several in anthology books, ezines, and magazines such as Suspense Magazine, The Literary Hatchet, Nameless Magazine (Cycatrix Press), Post Mortem Press, to mention a few, and now he is very proud to have this story featured in Nothing’s Sacred.