Magazine Guidelines

What We Are Looking For:
Because we are starting essentially from scratch, there is a plethora of different material that we are currently accepting. Therefore, the assorted categories have been separated below to make everything as clear as possible for those wishing to submit material. Please keep in mind that each magazine is set towards a specific genre so it is imperative that authors wishing to submit material read the overviews of each magazine prior to submitting their work. Also, due to inevitable change — be it growth or overabundance — demands will influence the material being accepted at any given time. As these changes become prevalent, updates will be posted accordingly.

Current Call Status:

Closed until October, 2017. 

Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 3. 

It’s open call time for the third volume of our horror magazine, Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 3 (due out October 2015). Please note that submissions are being taken for only the horror genre at this time. All others will be rejected unanswered.

No Reprints: Any reprints submitted will automatically be dismissed without notice.


We’re trying something new with Nothing’s Sacred Vol. 3 by introducing humorous horror comics to our layout. Comics should include elements of horror in them, and may be either a full page or a banner size (as you would find in your Sunday paper), strip.

Pays $90 per comic upon publication with a response time of three months.

Nonfiction Articles:

At this time, articles are only being considered for Nothing’s Sacred (due out October 2015). Articles should be related to or about the horror genre. Articles should not exceed 2500 words. Pays a max of $50 upon publication with a response time of three months.


Currently, we have one magazine launched and four others that we intend on launching. Therefore, a vast amount of material is needed. Each one of these magazines are initially being published bi-annually, and is geared toward a specific genre. Descriptions of each may be found by clicking on the respective magazine’s name found under the Magazine icon. Authors wishing to submit short fiction must also submit a query letter with their work. Failure to submit a query letter will result in automatic rejection!

Fiction for each magazine will undoubtedly vary in length. However, individual pieces of work should not exceed 3,000 words. Pays $20 upon publication with a response time of three months.


In addition to short fiction, it is our intent to mix poetry into the layout of our magazines as applicable. The guidelines for poetry submissions are as follows:

5 poems max per submission

250 words max per poem

Pays $10 per poem upon publication with a response time of three months.

Two Sentence Fiction:

Just as implied, these stories are extremely short. We will consider up to five submissions per author.

Pays $5 per story upon publication with a response time of three months.


Guidelines for Submission & Where to Submit:

The following guidelines are intended to be used for all of the categories mentioned above. All Submissions should be double spaced and be typed in the font of Times Romans (preferably). Submissions with multiple pages will be required to have page numbers after the first page. As mentioned in the Fiction category, short prose must be accompanied with a query letter.

There are two different avenues to submit material to Jack of No Trades Productions. The first way to submit material is through email. Emailed submissions are welcomed so long as material is sent as an attachment. Note: authors wishing to submit their work via email may use the email field for their query letter. Also: to ensure that submissions are not deemed as spam, please enter (Submission) after the name of your work in the subject field.

All emails should be sent to the following address:

The second way to submit material is through traditional mail. Please note: either a self addressed stamped envelope or a return email address must be present in order to receive a reply!

All mailed submissions may be sent to:                     

Jack of No Trades Productions

Attn. Editor-in-Chief

25 Vale Ave

Fredericktown, OH 43019