Short Fiction Store Guidelines

In our original business model, it was our intent to make short fiction work available to our customers on an individual basis. Customers would be allowed to peruse a larger selection of work spanning several differing genres. While it has taken a little time for us to realize this dream, we will be following through with this plan in the spring of 2017.

Current Call Status:

Closed while site changes are being made.


What We Want:

Reprints. Yes, you’ve read this right! The Short Fiction Store was designed to keep short fiction available to the public past their initial publications.

Genres being accepted for the Short Fiction Store include:

Horror, Sci-Fi, Mystery & Suspense, YA, and Romance.



Authors must possess the reprint rights to their work in order to be eligible for submission.

Eligible work must list original place of publication (name and year of publication), be double spaced in Times Roman 12 font, and be under 3,500 words in length.

Pay for eligible work is 2 cents per word.

The rights we are seeking are non-exclusive electronic rights for a duration of 3 years.

To ensure quality control, all submissions will be reviewed by editors prior to publication.

Authors wishing to submit work may do so via email. Emails must include SFS Submission in the subject line, a cover letter in the body of the email, and your work uploaded as an attachment.

Submissions may be sent to: